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Corsican High Post Iron Dream Baby Crib

What type of baby crib does your prince or princess crave?

Are you expecting a new baby? Are you expecting your first child? If so, how exciting for you! Congratulations! You must be wondering what this little new life will be like - what type of personality will they have? - what color of eyes and hair will they have? - what will be their likes and dislikes in life? Well, most of the questions will not be answereds until the little one actually arrives. And let's face it, we, as the parents, have probably already determined what color the nursery will be - regardless of whether years down the road, your little girl might tell you that pink is not really her favorite color.

When it comes down to it, parents are making the decision anyway. Mommies and daddies are choosing the type of room that their new little prince or princess will be sleeping and living in for the next several years. Your babies nursery decor will probably be a reflection of you and how you feel about your new baby - and well, the budget may have an impact on your nursery decor decisions but, that is no fun, now is it. Putting the budget aside - if you can - wouldn't you just love the be able to buy the finest and most elegant crib for your new baby. A crib which looks like it was made for a real prince or princess. (Because we all know that even if they don't have any official royal status, they are princes and princesses in our minds.)

With the wide variety of cribs available on the market today, you can purchase just about any style you like. You can find cribs made with metal - and a variety of metal finishes such as pewter, gold, bronzed, aged brass, and silver - solid wood, such as darker walnut, light beech wood, maple or oak. Once you have decided on either wood or metal, you will have to decide on the style, color and finish. The possibilities are just about endless.

For the literal prince or princess, you may opt for a 4-poster styled crib. These 4 poster cribs are elegant and add a deluxe touch to the design of a standard baby crib. Metal 4 poster cribs are especially beautiful, providing an air of opulence and royalty. The manufacturer brand Corsican makes some elaborate and beautiful metal cribs perfect for a new royal baby. However, there are some very intricate wooden 4 poster cribs available as well which can make baby's nursery look like it is from the scene of a castle in a fairy tale.

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